The Restorative Power of Tango

I was feeling unmotivated, sluggish, dull … and the last thing I wanted to do was to go to a new milonga. A room full of dancers I didn’t know? The possibility that no leaders would want to take a chance on me? It was almost enough to keep me from getting in the car.

But I went. And after weeks of frustration, the cloud lifted. The space was warm and inviting, and the floor was full. Tanda after tanda made me want to dance, or at least to tap my foot and watch the flow. When I danced, it was invariably good. Leaders embraced me closely and we heard the music together. We played and connected and made mistakes and laughed our way out of them.

I forgot everything outside of that room. And when I walked out at the end of the night, everything seemed a bit lighter. I felt awake again. Ready to dance.