Energy at the Milonga

Have you ever had a boss or coworker who can’t hide his or her emotions? Who can’t help but share every up and down with everyone else in the office? On a good day, that person’s high spirits and energy are contagious, generating the kind of work environment where everyone is inspired and excited. On a bad day, the negative energy just seeps through every person and project in the office.

I have worked with those kinds of people, and they make the office an uncomfortable place to be. You never know what to expect when you arrive in the morning. You can’t help but be pulled around by the changes in energy, exhausted by overwhelming highs and dragged down by persistent lows. It makes you wish for a boss with an even keel. Someone who can sense when the office needs a jolt of energy and when it needs to be calmed down.

Milongas need DJs and organizers with the same skills. A milonga that rides the highs and lows of the people running the show will never feel as good as a milonga that is run with professionalism and care, managing the dancers’ energy level consistently, night after night.


One thought on “Energy at the Milonga

  1. Such an important point! No matter how nice the venue, or how well attended, or how much nice wine or food is on the table…one grouchy or resentful organizer or a DJ in a dark mood…can ruin the night, or at least make it much less appealing or tempting to return.
    I hope organizers will read this.

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