I hope I didn’t scare anyone away with my last post. I haven’t quit tango, nor do I think that all tango dancers are thoughtless or careless with other people’s feelings. I have just noticed that there is a very real sort of clique that exists in the upper echelon of tango society. It’s that little club of dancers who have been dancing for ages, or who DJ, or who go to festivals together, or who command respect as dancers or organizers. Sometimes that little club is a group of real friends who take care of each other, and sometimes it’s like a junior high clique where you can come and go and be forgotten when you no longer conform. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. I just needed to kick myself and remember who and what is important in my life, so I can go tango without getting swept up in things that don’t really matter.

It helps to get my priorities straight—and tango is one of my priorities. I love to dance. The darkest parts of my life have been the times when I stopped dancing. I think I am made for it, in one form or another. But it’s the dancing that is most important to me. I don’t need to belong to a special club to enjoy a night of dancing with my favorite leaders. And the people who really care about me, who are truly important to me, will find a way to be with me whether or not I make it out to every milonga. So now that I have my head screwed on straight, I am looking forward to many more beautiful tandas. Happy dancing, everyone!