Rethinking the Community #2

I came across this quote in an article I was reading for an education class:

To some extent what is at issue here are the dynamics of power. We are not so much concerned here with relations of power in which the community is embedded … but with those within the community. It is here that full participation may be denied to novices by powerful practitioners … Constraints on newcomers may be strongest if the latter threaten to ‘transform’ the knowledge and practices of the extant community, since that knowledge is important or ‘at stake’ to the full participants who have invested in it.

Source: Within and Beyond Communities of Practice: Making Sense of Learning Through Participation, Identity and Practice

I think this speaks volumes about the obstacles to change in any community, including tango communities. Have you ever challenged the standard way things work within your community? Have you ever tried, as a relative newcomer, to step into a “community leadership” role? These obstacles are at least part of why I don’t consider myself a leader within my community, even if I might be a rogue role model. 😉