Ladies, don’t forget to stretch!

It is important for both men and women to stretch, and there are all kind of ways that flexibility can improve your dancing. However, while flying around last weekend, I noticed a little tidbit in an airline magazine that ladies may want to read:

For most women, strutting around in stilettos can be a pain—one that lasts far longer than the workday, according to research from Manchester Metropolitan University. A new study revealed that women who regularly wore high heels over a two-year span showed 13 percent shorter muscle fibers in their calves than flat-shoe wearers. Such a decrease in muscle length causes the Achilles tendon to thicken, leading to pain when walking barefoot. But ladies need not ditch their Manolos. A simple calf stretch at day’s end will keep those muscles in perfect balance.

Source: Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine

I think we all knew this from experience/anecdotes, but now there is evidence of the effects of those high heels on our bodies! So ladies, don’t forget to stretch your calves after a long night of dancing!


One thought on “Ladies, don’t forget to stretch!

  1. Good advice always! However it’s one thing to dance in stilettos and quite another to walk in them. Since our weight is forward and on the balls of the feet while dancing, heel height really doesn’t make a great difference. When we walk in high heels, we use the heel–which can shorten the tendons as you describe.

    It’s good to stretch–anything, everything, anytime–but if we only dance tango in stilettos and walk in flats, we’re better off.

    Thanks for the good post!

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