Sweet Spot + Embrace

I was thinking about the sweet spot last night, and I discovered another way to connect with it. I have no idea if it makes a difference for the leader, but it certainly changes my perception:

When dancing in close embrace, I find the sweet spot. I focus on it. Then I pay attention to my hand on the leader’s back. I imagine hot energy connecting the sweet spot and my hand, through the leader’s torso. Suddenly, the entire embrace feels stronger and more connected.

Maybe it’s just a game for my imagination, but it worked every time I did it.


One thought on “Sweet Spot + Embrace

  1. That’s wonderful! I imagine something similar, but whenever I try to explain, I tend to get rather perplexed looks in response. I imagine a string or more just a directional energy from my heart (against my leader’s chest) through to my arm or hand (depending on the physicalities of our embrace)on his back. It keeps my energy directed “up” and for some reason helps keep my posture better aligned to receive the more subtle nuances of his lead. I don’t know how or why it works, but like you said, it works every time I do it.

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