Tango Travels

I’m not traveling specifically for tango, but this month I hope to fit in some tango while I travel!

I’m headed to San Francisco for a (much-needed) long weekend. We leave on Friday, and on Monday I’ve been promised a beautiful drive along the coast as we come home! I don’t know SF tango very well, but we’re thinking about dancing at The Late Shift on Saturday night. We’ll be going to a concert on Sunday (John Williams!!), but we might try to catch a milonga afterwards. Any suggestions?

At the end of the month, I’m headed to Denver for a conference. I’ll be just down the street from the Mercury Cafe, so no excuses! I may even convince some other conference-goers to come see what it’s all about.

I don’t get the 24/7 tango experience when I travel like this, but there is something appealing about dancing at a normal milonga rather than a festival. I have a better chance of meeting and dancing with the locals (I hope!). I am also much more relaxed, which means better dancing and more fun!


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