Shoes & Teaching

My unsold shoes are back on ebay! This is the last time I’ll put them up for sale online, so if you’re interested take a look! I also lowered the starting prices a bit. I have sold enough to cover the purchase of another pair of my favorite shoes (in a different color) — now it’s just a matter of paring my collection down to what I really wear.

I also made some interesting observations while subbing for a couple beginner classes this week:

  1. A lot of follower problems can be solved by slowing down — practicing very slow steps to avoid rushing a change of weight, as well as learning to wait until there is a clear lead before moving.
  2. If you include navigation in a beginner class from day 1, those dancers will respect the line of dance (and be more aware of their place in it) as they continue. How can we expect beginners to navigate well when they learn how to dance without regard for what is going on around them?
  3. It is entirely possible to keep things very simple and still attract a large number of students. No, they really won’t leave if you focus on walking for four weeks. They won’t get bored if you make it interesting. Put it in context. Why should they care about walking? Show them. Demonstrate how good walking technique will open doors for doing the “fun stuff” that many teachers throw in before their students can handle it.

It was nice to see so many students catching on to the concepts that are essential for the kind of social tango I enjoy dancing. It was also nice to observe the teaching method — especially because it looks like I might be volunteering to teach a class again this fall on the local university campus. It’s a fun exercise! And, as in other areas, you can learn a lot by teaching.


2 thoughts on “Shoes & Teaching

  1. Gee, I wonder who’s class that was?

    At least give me a plug will ya? 🙂

    And thanks again for helping out. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Sorry, dude. I don’t publish the names of people or places in my blog. (I don’t mind people knowing who I am, but I don’t want people finding my blog when searching for people/places in our community.) You have an awesome class, though!

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