Dancing by the Sea

Picture this: It’s a sunny afternoon (around 3 p.m.), and you are going for a walk by the bay. There are kids playing in the grass, sailboats drifting by, and at the end of the walkway is a gazebo with a dozen couples dancing tango.

We enjoyed an outdoor milonga this afternoon, literally right next to the bay. I have been saying for ages that we need a milonga that takes advantage of our beautiful weather. This was better than I had imagined. Sure, it was more than a little windy. But the view and the sun and the relaxed afternoon with friends … it reminded me that I live in paradise! Not to mention the lovely dances I enjoyed. Thank goodness this was just the first of many!

This video shows the beautiful setting:



2 thoughts on “Dancing by the Sea

  1. I don’t usually mention the city by name, because I don’t really want my blog to pop up right there when people search for SD + tango. But yes, we need to enjoy the weather, especially this time of year! 🙂

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