Impromptu Performance

I debated whether to share this, but it was a fun experience and makes for a fun story. Also, it’s the only time I have ever seen myself on video. (I’m not a fan of making corrections to my dancing based on how I look—I try to focus on getting feedback based on how I feel.)

A bit ago, I had a very fun Friday night at my regular milonga. Lots of wonderful dances, including a few excellent tandas with a visitor. On the way out, the organizer for the following evening’s milonga asked if I was going to be there. She had a little exhibition planned, and she wanted me to pair up with this visitor. I hadn’t make plans to be there, which I told her, but I said I would try to make it.

So the next evening comes around, and I am celebrating a friend’s birthday. A critical mass of people decide to go to the milonga, so I grab my things and head over. As I walk in the door, I find out that the DJ is getting ready to stop the social dancing and start the exhibition. So I throw on my shoes, and no sooner am I standing up from my chair than we are walking out on the floor. So much for warming up!

Thankfully, it is not performance dancing (something I just don’t get into with tango)—it is just an exhibition of social dance. So I close my eyes and just relax into the embrace. I dance the two songs, enjoy myself, and walk off the floor to start my real dancing. But this was a fun little venture, and it got me a couple videos to watch and two extra songs with this lovely visitor!


6 thoughts on “Impromptu Performance

  1. Hello!

    Just beautiful. Beautiful.
    Have to ask – were you giving ‘the gift’ there?! Tricky in an exhibition perhaps, but it looked like something lovely was going on in the core of you both. And your partner was doing something that I personally love: the slight movements of the arm behind your back… it’s so gentle, caring and sensual. Carlos does it and it was one of the things I loved about him from the very first dance!

    Thank you for sharing this moment.
    How lovely to have the video. A happy memory indeed.

    Warm hug, SC

  2. Darling you are beautiful! This is absolutely perfect milonguero style tango and I am just… moved. Really, every second of your video was a treat. 🙂 Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. 🙂

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