Tango Mad Libs

I used to play Mad Libs all the time. (In fact, I credit Mad Libs for teaching me parts of speech.) I came up with this Mad Libs for all of us milonga-goers:

I have been watching that [leader/follower] for several tandas now. I noticed that [pronoun] can do [fancy move] but is having trouble with [basic technique]. I might wait for a [boring orchestra] tanda to come on and then see if [pronoun] wants to dance. I know I could end up [disastrous event], but [pronoun] did just dance with [tango superstar]. If it’s terrible, I will just go find [regular partner] for a [great orchestra] tanda so I feel better. Then I can go complain to [community gossip] about the whole fiasco. Ah, tango!

Ok, silly, I know. It’s what happens when I need a break in the middle of the day.


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