Watching v. Doing

I just saw myself on video for the first time. Although I already knew it, I was still surprised at how little of what I feel while dancing can really be seen. Of course, I work with dance video all the time at work and am well aware that what you can see live—especially qualitative and emotional elements—will not always translate to video.

I guess that’s true in more places than tango. You can look, and analyze, and judge from the outside, but you don’t really know what it’s like until you take it on yourself. I have been pondering and weighing the thought of freelancing full time for at least a year and a half, and in a few months I’m going to go for it. Find out how it feels for me, even if sometimes it looks intimidating and scary from the outside. Maybe I will be surprised—maybe it will be just as fulfilling and beautiful as dancing.


One thought on “Watching v. Doing

  1. Hi Modern Tanguera!

    Go for it chica. You’re so right. How can we know unless we try it ourselves?
    But if we don’t try our dreams out for size, what is the cost to our souls?

    Un abrazo fuerte, SC

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