Tete & Nostalgia

Everyone has heard the news. Everyone is sharing their memories, saying their piece to put Tete to rest. I only remember one interaction with him. In Seattle, sitting at the next table over from him, I gave him a smile. He reprimanded me: “Don’t tease me!” And a wink. And then he was singing and wandering the room again.

I have the sudden urge to put together a research project on the role of nostalgia in tango. How nostalgia relates to recorded history, how nostalgia is used to build one’s own tango history and claim a place in “authentic” tango, etc. But I don’t know the point… don’t know if I could add to existing anthropological theories of nostalgia and identity-building… don’t know if it would be of use to the tango community. That’s exactly the problem that made me drift out of the academic community. Interesting questions that seem to have no real point, aside from personal curiosity.

Pues gracias, Tete. Que en paz descanse.