Fixing Myself

The world is full of funny juxtapositions.

Over the weekend, someone told me (three nights in a row) that I “won” for having the best embrace of the night. I had a number of beautiful dances. A while before that, a visitor mentioned to someone that I am “the future” of my city. Such compliments! But such things never seem to come alone…

Today, my physical therapist told me that the muscles around my hips are messed up. She said that when I reach back with my right leg, it all comes from my right hip tilting—because my psoas is so tight that I literally can’t stretch my thigh backwards from my hip joint. She said that my right hip is constantly tipping forward, and so my upper back is getting tighter. Even worse, despite all that tightness those muscles are also weak. Where were the body-knowledgeable tango teachers when all this happened?

Because my physical therapist is no normal therapist (she does much more than that, and she specializes on dancers), I fully trust that she will fix me. But in the meantime, I am banned from wearing high heels. I am stuck with my jazz shoes and my dance sneakers. And the upcoming festival? Well, at least I won’t be tempted to buy more CIFs.

I hope those leaders were serious about loving my embrace, because my feet won’t be looking nearly so pretty for a while!


4 thoughts on “Fixing Myself

  1. So ModernTanguera, how are your muscle imbalances after 2 months? I’ve been trying to correct some muscles imbalances myself but I’m not very good at going to gym as much as I should.

  2. Bruno, the imbalances are getting much better! The muscles that were very, very tight are much better, and now we are focusing on strengthening and stabilizing my hips. My right hip still tilts forward a bit, and the concern is that it may worsen again if I go back to wearing heels without gaining more stability in that area. But I am enjoying it! The hardest part is maintaining the habit of doing the exercises every single day…

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