Life, with a side of tango.

My life has turned into a giant flurry of activity!

Last weekend I overcame a tiny splinter of glass that had lodged itself in my big toe. It was tiny but very painful! I grimaced while my favorite leader dug it out of my toe. He is my hero—I was able to dance at all the milongas over the weekend and even took a couple of the workshops. My new goal is to keep my heels down. all. the. time.

This weekend may be a bit quieter, because of the Denver festival. But that’s ok. I got a huge translation job, so I will be working all weekend on that. I absolutely love what I am translating. I still can’t believe I am making this happen. It isn’t enough to quit my day job just yet, but that’s ok—I saw the rehearsal for our company’s upcoming performance, and the dancing is incredible! Our associate artistic director is making his choreographic debut with the company, and it is going to rock. So I don’t mind sticking around for a while longer.

I love when things feel like they are just falling into place.