5 Nights of Tango

I am not sure where I find the time to dance five nights in a row, given all the other things I am trying to do. But somehow, I did. It was excellent, and I noticed some factors that make for a better night (but that is another post!). Right now, I just have a few minutes to share some highlights:

  • A birthday celebration, which included attempts (during the tanda) to boleo the piñata. I managed a solid line boleo that almost took off the photographer’s head (or so I am told), plus a couple circular boleos. Here’s a photo taken between boleo strikes:

  • A few tandas with my favorite woman leader. I love dancing milongas with her, and she also tried a tango tanda one night. Neither of us knew the first two songs in the tango tanda, but that just meant more permission to mess around! I can be a very naughty follower when I dance with her!
  • Another outdoor, guerilla milonga in the park. We mainly came for the picnic, but of course I got sucked into dancing a few tandas. One of them ended up with me skirting the inside edge of the walkway around the fountain. Here’s a photo of my leader trying to get me to dip my toe into the water with a low boleo:

  • A very fun milonga wherein I wore my little black dress and my lacy shoes (which have been described as “lingerie for my feet”). I felt smooth and lovely, and the feedback I got from leaders confirmed that I felt that way to them, too! It is inspiring me to write a followup post about how my clothes and shoes are factors in my dancing, because they affect my mood/attitude, which affects how I feel to leaders! Watch for that post, coming as soon as I have the time to finish writing it …