Darcos fashion line

It seems that Darcos is branching out into everyday footwear. And by everyday, I mean very trendy-looking, not-for-everyday shoes! Actually, some of the shoes seem very practical and even have relatively low heels. But many of them are shoes that I would never consider wearing for day-to-day purposes. Not that I don’t still love the designs!

I could actually see myself wearing this black-and-white pair to work. I mean, if I didn’t wear jeans and go barefoot most of the time, even in the office. (Right now I am wearing a plain white t-shirt, flared jeans, and have my sandals kicked off under my desk.) Even those coworkers who are dressed up a bit more still spend most of the day barefoot! But still, I could see myself getting these shoes for the events when I dress up a bit more.

These purple shoes are also FABULOUS. I only wish that they weren’t 9 cm. If I don’t wear heels that high while dancing, I sure won’t bother with them on the streets. But they are fantastic. I love the lines! And the colors. And the overall style. Hmmm … they do have a half-inch platform. That means they will feel like 3.5″ heels …

Actually, the one thing that is probably saving my bank account right now is the fact that Darcos don’t really fit me very well. I haven’t had a lot of luck with feeling comfortable in the pair that I have, and the shoes themselves feel somewhat rigid rather than supportive. That said, I don’t wear them that often … so it isn’t like they have had a lot of opportunity to be broken in. But still, I think I will leave these beauties to be worn by other women—at least until my willpower is worn down a little more!