New shoes!

Well, I ended up with new shoes—and they aren’t like either of the pairs I described in my last post! That’s what happens when someone with lovely taste and a generous heart brings numerous pairs of shoes (in the right size and heel height!) to sell at a milonga. In fact, I ended up not with one new pair, but with … three. I justified it, however, by telling myself that I was buying those three pairs for the price of one pair of CIFs. And one of the pairs was in fact a pair of never-worn CIFs! So there we go.

I walked into the milonga wearing black pants and a cream-colored top, because I couldn’t find the colorful top I had wanted to wear. But I think it was fate. Right there, on the table just inside the door, was a pair of black-and-cream Comme Il Fauts. I hesitated, because I wasn’t going to buy shoes … but that hesitation obviously didn’t last long! My friend was only asking $20 for them, and I couldn’t resist. I have always liked the look of this style, especially with the wraparound ankle strap. I ended up wearing these shoes for the rest of the night and loved them.

After walking into the milonga and greeting my friends, I was pulled back out into the entryway with the shoes. Two pairs of shoes had been set aside specifically for me to try on. They had three-inch heels and were, incidentally, bright and beautiful colors that I didn’t yet own. This blue pair of Comme Il Fauts was fantastic. Up to now, I haven’t owned a pair of shoes with a single ankle strap. They have been t-straps, or criss-crossed, or assymetrical. I have shied away from single straps across the ankle, because I point my feet a lot and always worry about whether the shoes will stay on my feet. This style, however, is just right—a single strap, but low on my arches so that it stays snug on my foot. The shoes feel supportive and look classy. I hesitated with these shoes because of the lack of blue in my wardrobe … but my shoe enabler came to my rescue and reminded me that they make a nice accent to a plain black or otherwise subdued outfit.

Finally, the third pair. I really wasn’t planning on these. Once again, thought, I found myself looking at a pair of brightly-colored shoes (I didn’t have an all-red pair yet!) with three-inch heels. So hard to resist. I am more concerned about my foot sliding out of these, but after some testing I felt ok about them. And my favorite leader has promised to help me out with further tests! These are Neotango. Simple, clean lines. And goodness knows I have plenty of clothes to wear with these ones!

I can hardly believe I came home with three new pairs of shoes. I feel guilty, but I made a deal with myself: I won’t feel guilty as long as I don’t buy myself anything extraneous for several months. No new shoes, no clothes, nothing. I have plenty of other things I do need to get (a new contact lens prescription, a smog check for my car, a work computer), so I won’t be tempted to throw away my money willy-nilly. I guess July is just my indulgent month.

Did I tell you about my vacation? The one starting next week? I give myself a real vacation twice a year, and soon I leave for a week of relaxation, swimming, and tango in a new place … did I mention indulging myself this month?


6 thoughts on “New shoes!

  1. They are all beautiful!!! You know I am a shoe diva and they are all spectacular. I know why you got all three – – I wouldn’t have been able to decide between them either.

    I saw a pair of blue shoes I was considering but I had pushed the idea to the back of my mind… After seeing your shoes I may have to make a trip downtown to see my shoe distributor….

    Have an awesome vacation & happy dancing!

  2. Can never have too many tango shoes. they last longer that way.
    The b&w CiFs are the style I wear and what I find the most comfortable. Love the other colours too. I think you got a bargain.

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