I always come back to the shoes.

I have noticed a trend: When I haven’t been out dancing in a while, I start daydreaming about shoes. Suddenly, the shoes become the most interesting part of dancing. (I am reminded of the blog post where Royce dissects a tango shoe. Take a look, if you haven’t already.)

I know what pair I want next. I am wearing summery clothes a lot now, and I noticed that I don’t have a good pair of shoes to go with my light-colored clothing. All of my shoes contain either black or dark brown. I would love a pair of white or tan shoes, preferably a sandal with a thick sling back and a three-inch heel. I am keeping an eye out for a pair like that.

I am also seriously considering a light purple pair. I wear enough purple to justify it, but I can’t decide quite what I would want–just purple? Purple and black? Purple and brown? Purple and some other color? Again, I am just watching what shoes are coming up for sale and making note of anything that looks almost-right.

Good thing I haven’t seen quite what I want, though. I have better things to save up for.


4 thoughts on “I always come back to the shoes.

  1. I looove that purple is a more popular color these days. Also, I had the same kind of thought as you, and picked up a light purple pair that AREN’T CiFs! They’re Italian, and sold by Dominic Bridge (do you know him?), who picked up just a few pairs while he was in Italy. They’re the most comfortable shoes ever. I’ll post a pic on facebook soon.

    What I mean is, get purple shoes. You’ll like them. 🙂

  2. Irish elf, I’m looking forward to that photo on facebook! I don’t know Dominic, but it sounds like I should … 🙂 I have been looking at some non-CIFs, too. I am very curious about Greta Flora, from the glowing reviews I have seen, but the purple pair I saw is too dark for me. I am toying with the idea of ordering a purple pair from Tango Wear (I am in love with a couple pairs I have from them), but they are so hit-or-miss with quality …

    Joli, how do your metallics hold up to wear? I have always heard that they tend to scuff and show wear faster, so up to now I have avoided them. And I have never been able to fit animal prints into my style, but I love them on other people! I guess the abundance of paisley in my wardrobe just doesn’t ever seem to fit with leopards. 😉

  3. The right paisley could work with an animal print. Think Morocco, luxe bobo circa 1968.

    My metallics have stood up, quite well. I have to say I am not very hard on my shoes which is good. Since I am not planning on buying for a long while.

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