Meditative goosebumps

I got goosebumps today. From breathing. has a free class up this week that focuses on relaxation. The class is taught by my favorite teacher on that website, and it worked so nicely to center me on my breathing. That is what yoga is for, even though some classes (*ahem*atthegym*ahem*) can make you forget that. It is one thing you get when you find a solid teacher.

So this evening I was practicing, and breathing, and I got goosebumps. I was in child’s pose the first time, and I could feel my forehead tingling where it touched the floor. And I just connected, so nicely. Not to any partner—to myself.

I love myself some yoga.


4 thoughts on “Meditative goosebumps

  1. Amen to this! The more I dance tango (I started out in ballroom) and the more I do yoga, the more I notice how intimately the two are connected … and everything I learn about communication or energy flow in one discipline helps the other as well.

    Plus, yoga is just yummy! 🙂

  2. PS – thanks for the nice note! Did you ever dance tango in Iowa – just asking as most of my dancing these days is in Iowa City …

  3. Sadly, I have never danced in Iowa! (Well, once at a tanguero’s sister’s wedding in CR…not a milonga, though.) I started tango after moving away from Iowa, and every time I visit seems to be a down time there. But I visit IC a couple times a year and am always watching for milongas!

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