We don’t talk about height all that often. Shorter ladies tend to play around with higher and higher heels, while us tall women try to make do with our height … and even search for lower and lower (but still attractive!) heels. That is my current quest.

On Friday, I had a long night without enough sitting and resting. One song into the final tanda, all I wanted to do was kick off my shoes and dance barefoot. So I did! And, lo and behold, it fixed several things that I have been noticing about my connection with my favorite leader. We are pretty much the same height, so when I put on 3″ heels I begin to tower over him. Barefoot, it feels perfect. Except, of course, that I have no shoes on.

Last night, I brought my trusted pair of jazz shoes to start out the night. Black was not exactly the color of shoes I wanted to wear with my light-colored dress, so after that first tanda I switched into my regular heels. But that first tanda … lovely.

So now I am on a quest to find a pair of shoes that are flat or with very small heels—but shoes that are still attractive and functional for dancing. It is more than a little bit difficult. Have any other tall tangueras found a solution for this? I really want to dance in something that keeps me shorter, to improve my connection with these shorter leaders who I adore dancing with …


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  1. OMG!!! We are on the same ‘wave length’. I just brought a pair of Grecian Sandals from Bloch for practice. (www.discountdancewear.com) And I’ve been investigating Tara Tango shoes. They have some cute lower heels. (www.diva-boutique.com)

    There is shoe designer in miami that makes custom shoes. You can select your heel style, height, shape, fabric & color. I am currently in love with a pair of tango dance boots. (I know they are over the top but I NEED to have them! ::smile::) http://www.mrtangoshoes.com/

    Finally, Victorio Tango Shoes allow you to design your shoes. You can pick your heel shape, height, and color. They are really fashionable and I’ve only heard good things about their flexisole. http://www.victoriotangoshoes.com.ar

    I hope this helps.

    A fellow tall tanguera

  2. I am most fond of my split-sole jazz shoes, which I have had so long that any sign of the brand name has been worn off. (Surely Capezio or Bloch.) I also have a pair of Bloch foot-thongs from my college modern dance days that I have considered wearing, just for the pivotability.

    My dance sneakers are nice, but the soles are so thick that they are like wearing at least two-inch heels! haha.

    I have thought about Taras, but I always think they look a little too clunky and … dare I say it … old lady-ish. I want to be able to try them on and decide how they look on my feet.

    As for your tango dance boots, well, I was once told that friends don’t let friends buy Jorge Nel. I have heard some pretty terrible reviews of his shoes. Sorry to burst your bubble! I haven’t worn them, myself, but I listen to my shoe advisers.

    I will definitely look into Victoria Tango Shoes … quite a selection of heels heights/shapes! I’ll have to browse the shoes for an appropriate style. 🙂

    Thank you for all the info! Let me know what you think of the grecian sandals and any other purchases you make! Cheers.

  3. and I have had the same problem looking for leading shoes… except I would like to have a little bit of heel so I can see over SOME follower’s shoulders

  4. Why, I can’t remember where I may have picked up that particular phrase! Just like I don’t know which followers you could possibly be talking about … 😀

  5. Here’s my 2 pesos for what they’re worth:

    I’m tall, 5’7″, and I wear the highest heels they make–10 cm. Why? Is it because I want to tower over my partner? No, it’s because I want to be as graceful, elegant, and beautiful as I can be irregardless of another person’s height. I also stand up straight and tall and avoid the slumping that some tall ladies do when dancing with a “petiso.”

    The thing is, when dancing tango, your weight is forward and you’re on the balls of your feet anyway–so with flats, aren’t you still on your toes?
    Then you have to go waaaaay down every time you want to rest for a moment. With the high heels you only need to go down a fraction to touch your heels to the floor.

    Actually, you may find that it’s easier and you dance better when wearing higher heels!


  6. I wanted to say that Cherie is absolutly correct. When you don’t have the support of the heel you are stressing your foot even more. You never get to rest the forefoot and this is asking for big trouble down the line.
    Also, I have been wearing ballet flats a bit lately and one of the best partners here told me (privatly) that it feels bad to him and he senses the woman having to hold her heels up without the support and it is a little more unstable from his point of view. Maybe what you need is better high heels? And stand very tall no matter the height of the partner.
    Anyway, that is my experience.

  7. I have no problem with dancing in my heels, standing up straight, etc. My favorite leader has said that he really enjoys dancing with me in flats–it’s purely a height thing. I am 5’9″ without my heels, so with my usual shoes I am about 4″ taller than him. We end up connecting the very bottom of my sternum with his chest, and it just doesn’t have the same oomph as when we are the same height.

    As a side note, I have experimented quite a bit with how to dance in flats. I often dance slightly on my toes in heels (I know, not the best for the health of my feet–but I have danced that way for most of my life in ballet, etc) so it isn’t a strange feeling when I do it in flats, and my ankles are plenty strong to be stable and provide fluid, balanced motion. I also have worked on adjusting my axis so that I can land on my heel, and that has worked pretty well, too. The idea of looking for 1″ heels is to find something in-between–so that I have a heel to land on but it isn’t quite so tall.

  8. Thank you for the Jorge Nel warning… And yes some of Tara’s shoes do look a bit ‘old church lady’ but they are trying… LOL

    A Victorio’s Rep is coming to my dance studio to sell shoes soon. Hopefully she’ll have something in my size (41) otherwise I will order a customized pair and see what happens.

    If you find any cute lower shoes please post the site and best of luck in your search.


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