Guerilla Milonga

Last night I joined a bunch of friends for a guerilla milonga in the park. It was a beautiful night with a full moon to accompany us. The evening started out with everyone dancing around the fountain. The tile actually provided a nice surface for pivoting, and I enjoyed joking with my leaders about getting tossed into the fountain. Of course, that idea couldn’t be ignored. One couple did get into the fountain, and we all cheered them on!

Our party moved on to a nicely lit walkway in front of a museum. Along with the passersby came a photographer who took a flyer and promised to send us the photos. From there we moved onto a bridge in front of the botanical gardens, over a pool. I hopped up onto the railing, and the Shoe Diva shed her shoes to join me. We managed a 180 degree turn, and she led me along the railing. Definitely my shot of adrenaline for the night! And the railing was probably the better surface at that stop. It was a beautiful area, though.

The final stop was a nice marble surface in front of another museum. We were all pretty tired at that point, but we goofed around a bit. I was thankful for my dance sneakers by the end of it. My toes got a little bit crammed into the front of the sneakers after such a long time, but my feet were so nicely cushioned and they handled the odd dance surfaces very well.

All in all, a very fun night that I will be very happy to repeat.


4 thoughts on “Guerilla Milonga

  1. Sounds like a great night. Every time I’ve ever danced in or near a fountain I’ve really enjoyed it as well.

    Guerilla tango can be so satisfying sometimes. What did you guys use to play music?

  2. Joli, it was SO fun!

    Henry, the DJ/Organizer brought an Ion Block Rocker–her ipod connects to it, and the sound is great. I never had trouble hearing the music.

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