¡Olé! (¡Eso!)

I am supposed to be translating dozens of sentences about economics into Spanish, but instead I watched this video. And then I had to share it with you. The talk is about nurturing creativity and our creative genius. (Sally, I thought of you when I watched this!)

My favorite part comes in the last few minutes, but please watch the whole thing. This is another fabulous talk from TED (which, if you know nothing about it, you should take a few more minutes to explore). Anyway, I invite you to see why I might have watched this and thought of tango:



One thought on “¡Olé! (¡Eso!)

  1. Hey,

    I watched it a while ago and I watched it again today. Yes, just ‘do your job’ she says, just keep going, keep showing up. She is right. I have found that instead of waiting for the big creative moment to come and writing nothing as a result, if I keep showing up at that page… those moments COME. Honestly I have felt them and they are so powerful that I know my Great Creator is indeed there and I almost do shout ‘Olè!’.
    Thx for thinking of me on the same page as Elizabeth Gilbert and creativity and creative genius… bloody hell, that is worth a bit of a loud ‘Olè’ in itself eh?

    Hug, SC

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