I want to start by thanking everyone for their concern! I recovered from the vertigo after just a couple days in bed, and it turned out to be a nice break from my normal life. It is hard for me to just (literally) lie back and do nothing. I guess that’s why it is a good exercise now and again.

I recovered and then jumped back into life. On Friday, our little tango band performed again! We had to deal with some snags (like not getting to do a sound check …) but ended up having quite a bit of fun. Bunches of people were up dancing, which is incredibly gratifying.

But the real fun was last night. It was as if everything came together for me. I loved the music. I loved what I was wearing. I loved the people around me. I loved the tiramisu and champagne … ! And the lovely hostess who had been gone for a couple months brought her beautiful energy to the milonga as well as the fabulous idea of blocking off part of the dance floor. The floor in this particular venue is gigantic and can really suck the energy out of the room, so making it just a touch shorter did wonders for the atmosphere.

I had some revelations about my own dancing: I need to keep my chest up more consistently; I should think about “leaving the trailing leg behind” (because I tend to grip in my hips); and I need to forget all about those technical things and just revel in my partner and the music. I also realized something about my leaders: I like when they just walk, and I mean walk for more than two or three steps; I think there is no joy like that of a very slow cross; and the entire evening can be amazing (as it was last night), but a beautiful last tanda at the very end makes it sublime (as it was last night).

[And I will hold that beauty with me today as I grapple with plumbers and gross smells emanating from my kitchen and my attempts to work from home yet again as I deal with this mess…]


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