Busy bee

I have several half-written, abandoned posts from the past week. It has been hard to distill my thoughts, given all the distractions lately. Life has been good but full. I guess a full-time job, school, and dancing wasn’t enough for me—I am a hair’s breadth away from a translation gig (trying not to hold my breath) and have thrown myself into learning a new language, too. Plus enjoying the change in weather with dinner in the park, windows thrown wide open, …

I am preparing myself for Memorial Day weekend, too. I am using my last vacation day of the season to give myself a four-day weekend. Now I have to decide what to do with it! We have three main ideas—anyone want to weigh in?

• Trip to San Francisco (I haven’t been back since I started tango)
• Trip to Las Vegas (I have only driven through, never visited)
• Staycation at home

And one of these days I will actually come up with coherent thoughts about some of the tango-related ideas that have been floating around lately …


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