I blissed out during a tanda tonight. I was in a more mellow mood, dance-wise, and my calm, tall friend from a neighboring city came down to the milonga. The only leader with whom I really have to reach up to wrap my left arm around his shoulders. One who favors simplicity, musicality, and a nice connection.

We got a tango and a milonga early on, so we reconnected near the end of the night for a vals and then a tango. And that last tango tanda, where I was just about done and super relaxed … It felt like the songs were only 10 seconds long. I don’t just mean that they ended sooner than I wanted. I really mean that I can only account for about 10 seconds of each song.

I love the fun, playful dancing (I always feel like I need a disclaimer when I rave about one particular style), but to be able to get so relaxed and centered in a dance feels amazing. I never had to worry about my steps. I just focused all of my self on the embrace, and it felt like no effort at all. Everything just fell into place.

A friend told me that I sound like I need to get out of town. Well, I don’t have time for that right now, but at least I can get out-of-town to come to me sometimes.