I just took a wonderful yoga class. I had been on an unintentional break from yoga, but I may try to introduce this class into my Sunday schedule. There are several reasons why I love yoga:

1. It centers me. Yoga, when done well, is both difficult and meditative. It requires me to focus on my breathing, my center (both physical and mental), and how I am all connected. I always come out of a good yoga class feeling calm and clear.

2. It is nonjudgmental. When I keep a regular practice, I find myself becoming stronger and more flexible without noticing it. This differs wildly from other environments I am used to, such as dance classes where I am very aware of how I compare to the dancers around me. In yoga classes, the goal is to work from where you are, with your unique body—not to end up with everyone looking exactly the same. I love that.

3. It helps me in the rest of my life. I feel more in shape and healthy overall. I have better posture. And in tango, I see the benefits all over the place. Standing poses are an immense help for balancing in high heels. Increasing strength and flexibility in the core, legs hip flexors … this all helps with walking and moving well. Simply being aware of your body helps you connect with yourself, which has to happen before you can fully connect with a partner.

I should print this out and post it on my wall as a reminder, in case I feel tired next Sunday…


3 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. I’ve become fond of yoga podcasts/ websites… That way I can do it on my schedule (I had stopped because it seems like all the yoga classes at the gym – I had found ones I liked – are in the middle of the day)I like this site: have full hour classes and I thought the explanations/variations/corrections were very clear. An added bonus is you can kick the old man’s butt too!I’m exploring some other sites too. If any are great I’ll send them to you.

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