I take it back. (I am allowed to do that; it’s my blog.)

Vals is not my favorite kind of music. It is just the music that can get me out of my chair when I am otherwise not feeling it. When I am feeling sluggish, or sad, or annoyed … vals is cheerful and energetic enough to pull me out of my chair. I can’t resist it.

But when I am in the mood to dance, when I am in the zone and wanting more … vals is not my favorite. I paid close attention at the milonga on Friday and concluded that I love the swirly motion and choices that my favorite vals leaders make. That said, I prefer a really excellent tango. (I love love love milonga, but it’s so much harder to find a good leader for a milonga tanda. I think I only danced one tanda of milonga on Friday, which was fabulous, but it was the only one–it’s so rare to find the leader who has that sense of musicality that fits my own, and who chooses to focus on that rhythmic play.)

So there, I have changed my statement. I prefer tangos. And don’t even ask me to choose a favorite orchestra … (Well, you can ask, but I may have to print a whole series of retractions. With the right leader, almost any orchestra can be sublime.)


4 thoughts on “Retraction

  1. Tanguera, First let me say that I have followed your blog and find it very well done.I think it is O.K. to to love all three (Vals, Tango, and Milonga) equaly, and I for one certainly do, like three different lovers who have no jealousy for one another.

  2. Tango Junkie, thank you! I am glad you enjoy reading. I do think I love all three … perhaps just as strongly but in different ways? I have actually been known to say, repeatedly, what Johanna just mentioned–that my favorite music is whatever I am dancing to at the moment. 🙂

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