So what was that about green being my favorite color?

I had a temporary lapse in willpower last week. I saw the pretty green shoes. My favorite color, but not a common tango color – so of course it was not yet part of my collection. T-straps, which I love. Thick slingbacks, which I have been wanting to try. I lost control. I am now the very, very happy owner of these Neotangos (my first pair):

These shoes are amazing! They fit my feet perfectly. The three straps in the front are snug but don’t cut into my feet, and they come up high enough to fully cover the balls of my feet. And the very small space between the first two straps is not big enough to let my little toes squeeze through. The slingbacks are the perfect length, too. My heel stays firmly with the sole, which was my biggest concern with this style. And even though the heel itself is slightly higher than I am used to, they feel comfortable. My feet were just a little more tired than usual at the end of the night. (I brought my shortest, most comfy pair as a backup, but I didn’t need them! I may have to force myself into a second pair to avoid wearing myself out, though. I never notice until the end of the night …)

As always, I will have to see how these hold up over time and whether I continue to grab them as favorites. But for now … shiny! Of course, I have some ideas about expanding my wardrobe to match … 😉


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