As a birthday gift, I received a fabulous green* t-shirt from the Tango Shoe Diva. In gold block letters it says, “BODY BY TANGO”. It’s one of those long, nicely fitting shirts. At least, it should fit nicely. I have been so busy lately that it doesn’t fit quite as nicely as it could – thank goodness I have plans to play racquetball tonight and a new (realistic) running schedule. The gym has gone out the window, though – I never have time to get myself over there.

I did, however, have time to take the free beginner class before the milonga last Friday … as a leader. I am back to really wanting to learn, despite living in a leader-heavy community. Right now I don’t want to learn for any real purpose (just like I didn’t begin learning tango for any useful purpose). I’m not doing it to become a better follower, or to be able to lead in a milonga, or to become a teacher. I am doing it because it’s an interesting challenge, and it’s fun. And maybe it was entirely a placebo effect, but with my lovely sneakers I felt so confident and comfortable with the very basic walking that we did on Friday. Maybe I could steal a follower friend during a practica …
*Speaking of green … Green is my favorite color. More on that later. 😉


One thought on “Busy.

  1. “living in a leader-heavy community” now I am green 😉 I start to lead few weeks ago by lack of leader in an intermediar lesson.I know the basic walking, connection, change of weight, that’s about it … I suck as a leader in an intermediar level … I feel sorry for the women who have to dance with me during the lesson.I need to pratice my lead, but by writing those words I realize that I am not so interested to be a leader, even if I found it instructive.

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