This birthday week has been blessed.

My Very Favorite Leader celebrated his birthday on Wednesday. As luck had it, my Wednesday night class was canceled, which meant that I was free to go to the early-evening milonga! (Someone was watching out for me. Who wants to have to send their very favorite leader to his birthday milonga by himself?) We shared a very yummy spinach salad and lasagna, as well as a couple tandas. And his birthday dance. I better watch out; he might try to get me back for helping set that one up.

Yesterday we celebrated our “average birthday” (the day in-between) with a staycation! It was not quite as elaborate as Tangobaby’s Staycation, but we made do with the one day we got. It involved lots of playing around with my camera. Oh, right, I need to learn how to properly use that contraption. I love it, though. And, having unburied its USB cord, now I can review the photos I have taken and start thinking about what has worked and what hasn’t. Hooray! Aside from the wonderful food and the hiking and the driving along the coast and the Culture and all the intermittent picture-taking, we also got tango! We stopped into a student milonga taking place at the university by our house. They are all so enthusiastic, but so intimidated by the larger tango community.

As if that weren’t enough, today I get to celebrate my own birthday! I have to see if I can get my Very Favorite Leader to play some of my very favorite songs tonight. And I’ll be on guard – seeing as he’ll be in the DJ booth tonight, there will be no escaping a birthday dance if he wants me to have one!


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