Tango Music Jam

Earlier this week I mentioned wanting to share some thoughts about music. These aren’t those thoughts. But these are music-related!

I have been enjoying the experience of participating in some tango jams recently. Homer and Cristina are here this weekend, and we managed to get together a group that has practiced a few times already. We had a jam last night with Homer and Cristina (and a total of 12 musicians and singers!) that went really well. We’re even going to play some songs for dancers at a special milonga on Saturday night. This is a huge improvement over last year, when we got together for one jam, one night, and never followed up.

Photo: Tango jam with Homer in 2008 (from here)

I’m stoked. I haven’t had an ensemble with which to play for years. I opted out of community bands, which mostly play Sousa marches and other unbearable music. I would love to play with a symphony, but community symphonies are rare and rarely need more wind instruments. The group that got together for this jam has been pretty nicely balanced: a flute, a violin, a piano, three guitarists, a drummer and Homer on his double bass – plus four singers last night (including Cristina, who does have a beautiful voice despite her attempts to deny it!). We just need someone to decide that the bandoneon is worth learning!

It’s no secret that I have very little time to add another regular commitment. I can’t imagine doing this regularly, but I do hope that our little, local group gets together again this year to play more. It’s so nice to actually play the music in addition to dancing to it!


5 thoughts on “Tango Music Jam

  1. I’d like to comment that dancers pay their entry fee to Milongas to dance. They don’t want to sit around and be played to.A Milonga is not a place for a musical group to practise. They should practise well beforehand and really have it together when they play for dancers.I’ve heard groups proudly anounce, on stage, that ” this is only the second time that we’ve played together!” …yeah, duh

  2. Anonymous – of course! For example, last year when we only had one jam we didn’t try to bring that into a milonga setting. This year we managed to fit in four rehearsals and decided to play half a dozen songs for dancers. Many people were up dancing while we played, and we had a lot of compliments about how nice it was. It can only get better from there. 🙂

  3. As a dancer, I find seeing how people create music with their voices and musical instruments extremely inspiring and educational. I wish I could do that, too.Good luck with your endeavor.

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