A Beautiful Night

I narrowly escaped a clothing crisis last night. I thought I knew what I wanted to wear, but as soon as I looked at the shirt I had been planning on I knew it wouldn’t feel right. So I went through half a dozen combinations and, in dismay, could not find something that clicked with my mood. I decided on a skirt that I made for myself about a year ago, a red/black/beige skirt with a paisley pattern. (Paisley, yum. I have so much of this fabric, thanks to the discount fabric store.) A red shirt and my favorite red and black shoes suddenly felt perfect.

When I stood up for my first tanda of the evening, it was like my body had taken a complete 180 from last week. I felt relaxed, strong, precise, fluid, and completely enveloped by the music and the movement. The entire atmosphere was just right.

Coming off the floor from that first tanda, a friend told us that it was YouTube-able. The thought wouldn’t have crossed my mind, but it is flattering to know that the dancing looked as good as it felt. It was a dance where every little movement, every time I lifted my foot or extending my leg or breathed it felt right. And not right in the sense of following perfectly, but in the sense that it was exactly how, when, what should happen right then.

I was quietly thanking whatever energy had brought this milonga together. I enjoyed the entire night, and it wasn’t until the very last songs that I started to feel somewhat tired. I could tell you the little things I noticed: the torso wiggle that absolutely made one milonga tanda; the beautiful open embrace that helped me feel every little balance point and the torque in my body and each careful weight shift; the incredible dynamics expressed in so many ways, from height to tempo to embrace to size of step (including gorgeous, tiny little volcadas); and I could go on. But all those little things would never have been so enjoyable, or even been noticed, or even happened if I hadn’t found (or encountered, or helped create) that good energy.

Watch out! Coming soon: my interview with Tangobaby