Those days, these days

I had one of those days, those days when …

… my three-inch stilletos feel like they are at least 4.5 inches and maybe both made for a left foot.

… no matter what earrings I pick out I still feel mismatched and unfashionable.

… my body seems to want to dance vals to milongas and milonga to tangos and tango to valses.

… I have to step on my own shoe or trip on my own foot at least once per tanda.

… I feel like the only way to salvage my out-of-sorts dancing is to stick with the leaders I know and really enjoy dancing with.

It was just one of those nights, you know? And I know I will snap out of it, but it was disorienting and frustrating. It made it easier to stay home later in the weekend and unpack, and it makes me more motivated to attend the practica tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow will bring more than one kind of change.


3 thoughts on “Those days, these days

  1. Yeah, I’m familiar with those days. Fortunately, they’re infrequent. I believe it’s an energetic imbalance, or I’m meant to be elsewhere. So I obey that message, and usually leave.“Working through it” rarely produces satisfactory results in my dancing 🙂

  2. I get those, too. Especially frustrating: somehow injuring myself (usually a scratch across the top of my foot) with the sharp edges of my own heels. How is that even possible?

  3. Diana, I have absolutely done that before. I’ve noticed that new shoes (with the crisp, new, sharp heels) seem to be magnetically drawn to the tops of my feet. Also, I have noticed that my platform shoes are especially dangerous – the heel feels shorter than it is, so sometimes I midjudge how close it is to my foot. Ouch!

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