Life v. Tango

Life is getting in the way of tango. To be honest, though, I don’t mind too much.

I am back in school two nights a week. I planned my Wednesdays so that on the nights I had energy I could go from work to class and then straight to the mid-week milonga. Sadly, I got an email yesterday that the mid-week milonga is going to end even earlier than normal. There is almost no way I could get there with enough time for dancing to make the trip worth it. Too bad, because I love that space and it feels like my dancing opportunities are contracting. It isn’t just me, either! When I started dancing there were, I think, 5 milongas a week (plus milongas offered by a local studio). Now we’re down to three (including the mid-week one I can’t attend).

But my practica is back! (“my” = “the one I attend”; I don’t organize it.) I may only be able to attend the last hour or so of the practica, but I will be going as often as possible. It is now in a very nice room, and the first week it was very well attended. I’m happy about this development.

All in all, I can’t complain too much about these things. I think my forced reduction in tango nights will help me work on these other projects I am taking on. I am forced to consider my life outside of tango, which is a good thing.
P.S. I’m somewhat amused at the number of people coming to my blog after searching for the keyword “translocal.” I checked, and I come in at #7 on Google for this keyword! Crazy. To those people who arrive here and are disappointed by my lack of academese, I apologize. I used to be an anthropologist, but now I just enjoy thinking about those sorts of ideas in my spare time and reading up on current research. Maybe when I get home I will look through my resources from graduate school days and make some recommendations for places to find more useful information about the topic. 🙂