Festival (finally!)

Sitting at work after four hours of sleep is entirely worth it right now. I had exactly the day, and night, and morning that I needed! I went to just one hour of the festival on Sunday, to attend the milonga in the evening and see people who were heading out right after that. But at midnight the all-nighter began, and we danced until 6:15am. I did take a break to assist with waffle-making for the brave (and hungry) dancers. I may have been sleepwalking for the last few tandas, but I enjoyed the whole thing. And despite the exhaustion and stress I was dealing with this weekend, I can say that I never had a bad dance throughout the entire festival. I am very happy about that.

Now it is back to normal life. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to dance with out-of-town leaders, but right now I look forward to having my days to myself and just heading out to the milongas/practica a few times a week. Staying in and watching a movie sounds kind of nice.