Home, just in time!

I am back! I did not end up dancing in my hometown. It has now been over a year since I drove in real winter weather, and on Saturday night that meant staying off icy roads.

I did, however, perform in the city just up the road from my hometown! It was a blast. I danced with a young man I met six months ago, who I hadn’t seen since that time. And it went splendidly well. I had fun, and it added a little dancing to my trip.

Now I am back and trying to do a million little things before our festival starts up at the end of the week. I crazily volunteered to coordinate volunteers, and I feel like I spend copious amounts of time answering emails and sending out pleas for more help. But I know it will feel good once everything gets underway. Of course, I am simultaneously trying to move …

A busy week, but with lots of dancing in sight!