The Black Sneakers …

I know there is nothing magical about my new dance sneakers. They won’t transform my dancing or give me new skills or technique. They are the same old shoes I coveted as a kid in my jazz classes, the same shoes I thought would be neat after seeing other, better dancers use them.

They are just shoes. But still, I am so excited about them. I realized that I feel energized when I wear them. Something about the spring in my step, thanks to the fabulous cushioning in the heel of the shoe. And you know what they really make me want to work on? Leading.

It’s true, I haven’t given up my idea about leading. It went on the back burner for a little while, as I focused on follower technique. But I am re-energized and want to work on it again. I won’t call this a new year’s resolution, but it’s something to play with in the new year. At the very least it will be a fun addition to my practicas and an excuse to wear my sneakers! Don’t worry, though. I won’t get carried away by with them …
P.S. You all know the story of The Red Shoes, right? I love fairy tales, and Hans Christian Andersen has always been my favorite author of them. I still remember the old book of his that I got from my grandmother, with the most gruesome versions of those stories! I still have it, although the paper is brittle and yellowed and the cover is no longer attached.