Will Travel For Tango

Last night, as my friend would say, I “drove 3.5 hours to dance 3.5 hours.” Actually, I drove about 4.5 hours to dance 3.5 hours, because I live a half-hour away from my friend. But still, it was worth it.

I caught a ride with friends headed to a neighboring city’s milonga. You know those times when you are itching to dance, but despite loving your local leaders you just want something a little different for once? That was exactly how I was feeling.

To be honest, I don’t often go up for milongas in that area. This was only the third time I did (each time to a different milonga), and one of those times I was already in the area. There is a general sense here that our neighbors have less inspiring music and poorer navigation, and I am usually happy enough with the quality of tango here that I don’t want to bother driving long distances for something else.

I am happy to say that I was, overall, quite pleased with the music and leaders I danced with last night. Sure, I avoided some of each that didn’t inspire me, but I had a very fun night. I re-met some leaders who I had danced with before, and met for the first time both leaders and followers who were fabulous people. I had several tandas that were absolutely delightful. A little change now and then is a wonderful thing!

Best of all, I woke up on time and only had to work a five-hour day – an entire day at someone’s home, drinking mimosas, eating homemade soup, and talking about wonderful things like my value within our small staff and my need for a more prestigious job title! But that’s enough of a foray into my non-tango life …


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