Belly dance surprises

Last night was my last belly dance class at work.

Our teacher has decided to take a break from teaching, to focus on other things in her life, so I am left without this class. But the last class was lovely! I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time. True, my mind was still boggled by the idea of doing hip shimmies and chest lifts at the same time … but baby steps, right?

By the end of the class I was walking across the floor, head held high, chest up, somehow feeling relaxed while the rest of my body did shimmies, undulations, chest locks. I have not become addicted to this dance. I’m not sure if I will continue with it, now that I don’t get the class for free and it won’t happen ten steps from my desk. There are other classes that happen throughout the week in our building, so I will wait and see. But no matter what, I am so glad that I gave it an honest try.

Not only do I appreciate the simple idea of trying new things, I appreciate the constant surprises I get when I do so. I never expected to find similarities between belly dance and tango. I didn’t expect to have a teacher who is a beautiful person, who reminded me that I am a goddess. I was surprised when I found myself turning on music and belly dancing in my bedroom, at how quickly it can lift my spirits and center me. It is an activity that I did just to make myself feel good and have fun for myself, and I was surprised at how much I benefited from that.

This class ending is probably the best timing I could ask for. I have a little break, and in about a month I will start a couple new classes in the evenings. These classes have nothing to do with dancing and yet everything to do with doing something different for myself. I can’t wait to see what surprises come my way.


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  1. So many of our tanguera friends have or are belly dancers! I was a professional belly dancer and teacher, a long time ago. Tina was, Cherie, and others. I think there are some connections. And of course, we are always goddesses, in tango, in other dances, in life.

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