My new shoes arrived! The ones I ordered in the Tango Wear sale about 6 weeks ago. I am so happy with them, I am in love. But more of that later, when I have pictures to share. Now I want to talk about other things.

Let me tell you about this wonderful back sacada I was doing yesterday. We both step to the open side of the embrace, we both do a back ocho, and then *zooooom* I pivot around on my left foot and sacada him (right leg to right leg). I have done plenty of sacadas as a follower, and I have to say that this was the smoothest, most comfortable way to pivot enough for a back sacada. It was great! We tried having me sacada his other leg and made quite a bit of progress, but it isn’t as comfortable. (I had to make some conscious adjustments to the close side of our embrace, and even then it doesn’t happen as smoothly and easily.)

You know what I like about this kind of practice? With the right leader, it isn’t about learning moves. Yes, you could distill those steps I mentioned and just practice them over and over ad nauseum. But that isn’t what we did. We were dealing with questions like: How quickly does he need to move to make my sacada happen fluidly? How can he stop me as I sacada him so that I can reverse out of it? Where would my arm need to go to make that huge pivot happen when trying to sacada his left leg? What are different ways we can go from those sacadas? Does a vals rush things too much? These are great questions that bleed into other moments in our dance. I think this is what people talk about when they say that if nuevo exists, it exists as a way of approaching tango rather than a style of its own.

And I guess I am going dancing on Wednesday. As the practica was ending, two leaders asked me for dances at that evening’s milonga. This week, I am looking forward to it.