Movement for movement’s sake

I haven’t danced tango since … Saturday night at a party.

In the real world, that isn’t very long. But we all know that the tango world is a different deal, and for me that is a decent break. It puts me at one milonga (Friday, because I never miss it) and no practicas for this week. I have to say, 2.5 months of milongas without my favorite leader makes even a good tango night feel a bit empty. I was too mentally tired to go out to our cozy milonga last night and opted for a 2.5 mile run instead.

Right now I feel like attending a practica. Ironically (because I think most people look for this in milongas), I want to go for the pure joy of dancing. Not the socializing, the codigos, the cabeceo, the dressing up, the tango nirvana that exist in the milongas. No, I want to go and dance the mechanics of tango. I want to experiment and play and learn from other dancers. I want to laugh and be silly. I want to grab my favorite practice partner and examine our dancing from different angles. I might even want to make another attempt at leading.

Have you ever felt like this? It isn’t that I dislike milongas, but right now I just want the relaxed and playful atmosphere, the movement- and technique-focused goals of a practica.


2 thoughts on “Movement for movement’s sake

  1. I love practicas. I have fun, I learn, I wear casual clothes and even sneakers! Sometimes the milonga feels like work a little bit. It’s funny that it is like that for us, because you would think that the practica would be the work, and the milonga would be the play…

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