Shoe Pain

When I mention shoe pain, I mean not the pain in your feet when you wear them but the pain upon seeing an almost perfect pair of shoes. But only almost.

This is good for my wallet, because I really shouldn’t buy yet another pair of shoes right now. But Jennifer put up her new selection, and there is this pair that is exactly what I have been looking for. A color I have been wanting (taupe), a toe-band style I like (peep-toe), a heel-style I finally decided I want (thick slingback) … but they are 4″ heels. Really? REALLY?? Sorry to fling my frustration all over here, but I find heels that high uncomfortable. Not to mention that they would make me stupidly tall. (If they were even only 3.5″ high this post might have a less frustrated, more guilty tone …) But oh, I love those shoes.

To ease the pain, I will share some of my lovely reasons for not needing any new shoes.

First, there is my very comfortable pair of CIFs. These were a gift, and they have been so appreciated. I adore the lace, and the criss-crossing t-straps. They are sturdy and 3″ high and just perfect. I wear them all the time.

You have all seen my very favorite pair of Tango Wear shoes, and here is the other pair I own. I have decided that these are nice shoes, but they don’t feel like they will hold up for very long. I should probably also add a hole to the straps to tighten them up. Nice shoes, but just not as nice as even the other pair of TW shoes I own.

Finally, my very cool pair of Darcos. I love love love this color combination (light brown/dark brown) and am awaiting a new pair of shoes with the same colors. I like the style, the way they look on my feet, how well they match a large portion of my warbdrobe … 😉

Unfortunately, I have a few problems with these shoes. The first problem I encountered was the realization that, yes, I prefer lower heels. They look nice, but I am not as comfortable in them. The next problem I found was that the straps are too short. They cut into my ankles. Of course, before I could remedy that problem I created a new one: I was messing around with them and broke part of the clasp. I haven’t dealt with that problem yet, so these shoes have been on the shelf for a while.

I have some other shoes, but this post is getting long. Maybe when my new shoes arrive (the ones I ordered a while ago from Tango Wear, the other reason why I shouldn’t be buying new shoes yet) I will post more pictures.


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