I wanna hold your hand …

I have to share the news of an exciting discovery I made recently … I discovered my camera! It was hidden in the dark recesses of the space under the passenger seat of my car. How it managed to live there, unnoticed, for something like a year? I may never know.

It does not mean that I will be sharing my own milonga photos any time soon. My camera isn’t that nice. What is does mean, though, is that I can take photos of my shoes! With my feet in them! Watch out for those. 🙂

In the meantime, here is a collage of photos of a different sort. In light of the hand-holding conversations, I thought I would dig around to see how my leaders hold my hand. The only things that regularly cross my mind on this topic are 1) my attempts at not pulling down on his left hand, 2) my attempts at comfortably holding (not squeezing, not being a dead fish) his hand, and 3) avoiding a placement of our clasped hands that is uncomfortable for me (too high, too close to my body, etc). I haven’t thought much about these photos in particular, but here they are – each is a different leader, with different physical and stylistic traits:


6 thoughts on “I wanna hold your hand …

  1. bottom middle is mine…. soooo common here (with pushing). wah! i’ve decided (with my newly discovered defender-of-chicas persona) that i’m going to start asking, very very nicely, at practicas, for a change. wish me luck~

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