Hemispheres of Tango

I happen to be fascinated by the brain. This video is very interesting to me for many reasons, but what I want to point out right now is what Jill Bolte Taylor says in this video about the right and left hemispheres of the brain. These are things I knew, but I like the way she describes these things in relation to her own experience. I like thinking about her description of the right hemisphere and how it relates to tango. And meditation. And all those activities that deal with the present moment, our connections with other people, non-logical perception, nirvana …

If I had to put it in these terms, I would say that practicas and classes are good for using our left hemisphere. We reason through things, analyze them, think about them. But as we practice we start moving into our right hemisphere. We put things into our muscle memory and move toward feeling. And when we step onto the milonga floor, we try to shut out the chatter of our left hemisphere and let the right side take over. Connect ourselves to everyone and everything around us, feel instead of think, perceive in a way that our logical mind can’t.

Many thanks to my friend for pointing this out to me. One of these days I will read Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, to see what else she has to say about her experience.


3 thoughts on “Hemispheres of Tango

  1. Hey MT. We’ve both been reading the same material!!There is so much I have learned from Jill’s book. I wonder if she’d be a natural tango dancer 🙂

  2. Cindy, that was a great video! I love TED, and one-buttock tango is a fabulous idea. Phrasing is an important part of both music and dancing! 🙂Johanna, maybe we’ve been talking to the same people. 😉 I have a couple books ahead of this one on my reading list, but I am sure it will give me more ideas to write about.

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