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Tango is in the news once again. The New York Times published this review of the New Generation Dance Company, with guest artists Guillermina Quiroga, Cesar Coelho, Natalia Hills and Gabriel Misse.

What interested me were the reviewers comments. I don’t think I have heard Alastair Macaulay say that he has danced tango before, so I take his to be a layman’s point of view. (At least a layman who is well-versed on all things dance.) And his comments? That all the flashy lifts done by Quiroga and Coelho got tiring. That the thrill came when Hills and Misse took the stage in a milonga that never left close embrace.

This isn’t to say that what the danced was something other than stage tango. I would guess that it was choreographed and much more than what you would see on a normal milonga floor. But it fits with the side of tango I have always learned toward – tango that is intricate and emotional and engaging without resorting to lifts and jumps and flash. I am personally not that interested in going to tango shows, especially because choreographed tango often feels drab to me. But a couple that can bring spontaneity and depth and beauty is always appreciated. Too bad they couldn’t include a video clip with the review.


4 thoughts on “Show tango

  1. Don’t you think it is good for the tango community to have a reviewer speak with sensitivity about the dance. I enjoyed the language in the piece, the description of the movements from someone with an eye for dance in general, but unaware of the lingo. So nice to read something that was not just garbage about seduction and blah blah.

  2. I think that video is just of the dance company that presented these dancers, not video of this performance itself. Which is nice, but I think I’ll have to just look around for video of other performances these dancers have done.

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