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Last night I went to the milonga that happens on the first Thursday of every month. I like this one quite a bit. I like the space, the music, and ever since it went to once a month I feel like it has had really good energy.

Of course, what is tango without drama? There were some music glitches that were fixed by the time I arrived, but then there was news of Impending Doom. Well, that may be a tiny exaggeration, but what else can I say when a venue I adore may not be available anymore? It seems that the space will now be closing at 11pm, which is just a mite early for the tango crowd. Although there is a whole month to figure this out before the next milonga happens, I am sure that month feels short for our Fearless Organizer.

But last night was good dancing. I was in a dancing mood even before I arrived. I did not feel like dressing up (I was already mentally and emotionally in the game, so I thought why bother?), so off I went in the jeans and shirt I was already wearing. I grabbed a hair-tie to pull the rest of my hair up – I still can’t get comfortable dancing with my hair down, although I see women do it all the time. Off I went, and I felt good from the moment I started dancing. Some things from my private lesson clicked and showed up in my dancing, in that magic way that happens when you give ideas time to rest and filter into your body.

And the dancing felt good. Even though my energy gave out before the end of the milonga (and before I got all the dances I wanted), it felt excellent. It makes me look forward to dancing again the next couple of nights. On top of that, I get to see some small studio performances at work which promise to be quality events. A promising dance weekend.