One problem with Halloween is that, once in costume, I have trouble thinking about the dance. I am thinking about this strange outfit I am wearing, or checking out the new arrivals to the milonga, or worrying about who the Murderer is …

I had plenty of fun on Friday, but the truth is that I was probably most distracted by myself. My outfit wasn’t even that strange, I just kept noticing it. And that’s the last thing I want to do while dancing. Although I guess all that distraction helped me catch the culprit in our game of Murder at the milonga!

I did have one very memorable tanda with a friend. One particular moment even stands out: We were dancing milonga in an open embrace, playing around a lot with syncopation and the music. At one point after a few quick steps I felt him leading me into a cross, and some combination of the music, his lead and my own will made me slow down the actual step into the cross. It was strange, not like times when I have listened and decided to slow myself down – it was like I just knew this is what he was hearing, too. And it was! He murmured a quiet, “Nice,” as we went on our way.


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