Compliments and Confidence

I don’t hang all my hopes and self-esteem on what others have to say about my dancing, but there is a little thrill whenever someone I respect compliments me. When someone talks about how sometimes they have to go through the motions of the dance, but then a dancer like me comes in and has presence and that extra something that makes it tango. Wow! Then again, I always take compliments said to or in front of me with more than a grain of salt.

But the compliments relayed through others, said in other places and times. That a teacher I respect and enjoy dancing with thinks that I am “extremely talented and promising”? WOW! It adds to all the little hugs and kisses from tangueros I know and dance with often, the ones who are happy to see me at the milongas and love our dances together. It’s an extra boost.

It’s like the shoes and the clothes and the jewelry. It’s the extra layer of confidence that I can put on when I walk into a milonga, onto the dance floor. Thank you for that gift; I will give it back to you when we dance.