Patience & Relationships I

I love leaders who take their time and get to know their followers.

Partnering in any kind of dance really is a relationship. You can’t just rush into things, you can’t assume you know who this person is, her style, her likes and dislikes. You have to take your time, say hello, start exploring quietly and move out from there.

I love dancing with a new leader who takes it easy at first. Who checks out what the floor is like, finds out how I respond to his leads, watches how I pivot and step. I appreciate leaders who dance an entire tanda with only one small, effortless volcada right at the very end of the last song. Leaders who know that we are new together and know that the floor isn’t ideal and take all of that into account as they dance.

It isn’t just new leaders, though. I appreciate my friends who ease into our first dance of the night. Who feel out my mood and my dancing on any given night and adjust accordingly. Who listen to what I feel like saying that night. I appreciate leaders who treat every tanda like it is brand new between us. They don’t take anything for granted. Those are leaders who can still make me feel like a goddess when I am having an off night.


One thought on “Patience & Relationships I

  1. Oh yeah. The difference to me is that there are those who hope to dance with you many times, and those who they’ll never get another chance.

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